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Unique Lawn Care, located in Kittanning PA specializes in lawn care & landscape maintenance proudly serving all of Armstrong county communities and most surrounding regions. We handle all sizes of lawns and landscapes from the smallest yard all the way to commercial and government properties, and everything in between. Our outdoor power equipment service personnel can maintenance and repair your outdoor power equipment. We service all brands of equipment and have a selection of new outdoor power equipment for the residential and commercial user. We carry only professional brands like Shindaiwa, Earthquake, Kohler, and Oregon. Call us today to see how we can help!!
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 Lawn Care Services
Grass Cutting
Weed Trimming
Hedge Trimming
Mulch Installation
 Equipment  Maintenance & Repair
Oil Changes & Tune Ups
Blade Sharpening
Belt Replacement
Small Engine Repair
Equipment Pickup & Delivery
 New Equipment Sales  & Parts
Briggs & Stratton
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